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Valium Where Can I Buy, Can I Buy Valium In Australia

In November, 2019 to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the UK’s most iconic films, The Italian Job, a team of artists and creatives drove by coach (wrapped in the British Flag) from Harrogate (via London) to Turin on 28th October to champion the UK’s cultural links with Italy including art, design, food and wine. 

In the city of Turin, Royal Academician artist Richard Wilson placed a full scale replica of the famous vintage Harrington coach onto of a top of a six-storey apartment block in central Turin. The building, 22 metres high was wrapped in the style of the cliff face as seen in the final moments of the film with the coach rocking on the edge of the building, waving like a British flag.

Richard Wilson is internationally celebrated for his interventions in architectural space. The artwork, ‘Hang On a Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea’ was inspired by the final line of the 1969 heist movie, as spoken by screen legend Michael Caine.

Mark Hinchliffe said: “It’s a work of art to behold and an engineering feat! We are all now far more European than 50 years ago in our attitudes towards food, wine, art and culture and – especially in the current political climate – we wanted to celebrate our friendship with Europe with this cultural intervention!”

The stunt was part of Artissima – one of the largest art fairs in Europe – with 60,000 people attending from all over the world. 

During the Art Fair, a 100 Mini’s had a police escort from the Fiat Lingotto building, through the streets of Turin, to the Palazzo San Carlo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Italian Job.

The whole project has been filmed to make a documentary…any TV companies interested, give us a call!

Valium Where Can I Buy, Can I Buy Valium In Australia