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Valium 10Mg Buy Uk, Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online

Valium 10Mg Buy Uk, Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online

Quest TV at 9pm on Wednesday 28th February

Salvage Hunters at The Chapel

With Mark Hinchliffe’s eclectic style, attention to detail, and ability to spot the most unique and beautiful of antique treasures, The Chapel has caught the interest of many eyes. From Harrogate locals to television hosts and programmes, last year saw The Chapel crossing paths with Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk.

Salvage Hunters has been a much-loved British television show since 2011. It follows Drew Pritchard, an avid treasure hunter who travels up and down the country to discover forgotten treasures and hidden antiques.

Restoration of The Chapel has been anything but a standard affair, with Mark travelling around Europe to find some of his most unique pieces of furniture and art. This passion and an eye for design has resulted in the most wonderful collection of objects, furniture, and art. The Salvage Hunters were chomping at the bit for a look at The Chapel.

Filming at The Chapel

Online Valium Prescriptions

Mark was extremely excited to open his doors to Drew and the team last Autumn, knowing full well that they’d be blown away by his restoration of Harrogate’s 19th Century Wesleyan Chapel. The Salvage Hunters crew spent a whole day filming at The Chapel, and Drew was particularly taken with The Chapel’s 50ft high atrium and beautiful dining room chandelier. Keep your eyes peeled for this when the episode airs!

Salvage Hunters Series 12

Buy Diazepam Online Fast Delivery

The new series of Salvage Hunters has been a huge success since launching a few weeks ago, but the show also continues to be successful throughout the year.

“Salvage Hunters airs to more than half a million viewers every week in the UK”, a spokesperson for the show said, “and millions more in over 25 countries across Europe and North America”. The long and short of it? The Chapel will be beamed around the world to (hopefully) millions.

While it’s featuring in the third episode of the new series, you might have caught a glimpse of The Chapel’s dining room in the opening credits of last week’s episode. As he opens the door, Drew’s jaw drops in an expression that can only be described as “wow”. Since the episode was filmed, Drew has started renovating a chapel of his own. It’s only reinforced the fact that Mark and The Chapel are an inspiration for all.

To find out how Drew and the Salvage Hunters team got on at The Chapel, make sure you tune into Quest TV (Freeview 37, Sky 144, Virgin 172) at 9pm on Wednesday 28th February.

If you want to do some salvage hunting of your own, book a room at one of the five luxurious suites available at The Chapel – it’s a stay that you won’t forget.


Valium 10Mg Buy Uk, Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online