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the chapel

This stunning grade II listed chapel conversion has been sympathetically restored to provide a distinctive historic and contemporary boutique Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Harrogate Town. With it’s eccentric and eclectic mix of the different eras, The Chapel is the perfect place to enjoy a truly unique experience and admire the fascinating objets d’art and interiors.

With a range of en-suite bedrooms, all themed and showcasing exotic flavours of South and Southeast Asia and two living spaces, one styled as a men’s smoking room and it’s counterpart as a women’s boudoir, filled with all manner of ephemera.

Unique spaces

The Chapel’s 50ft high atrium is a beautifully designed open plan space and serves as the perfect venue for hosting corporate events, weddings, special birthday occasions etc and offers a stunning location for film, TV and photography shoots.

The exterior of the Chapel boasts a private garden with large external balcony, perfect for drinks, receptions and private dinners with some of the country’s top chefs on hand to provide unrivalled French, Spanish and Italian cuisine.

Take the tour

How To Get A Valium Prescription Online, Valium Online Uk

With incredible high ceilings and attention to detail the balcony room includes double bed and incredible view over the atrium, this room doesn’t have a bath but does have a luxurious walk-in shower and double sink.

Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Canada


A bespoke four post bed and incredible space the room includes double bed, ornate wardrobes, original chapel stain glass windows, this room has a bath and a luxurious walk-in shower and double sink.

Valium Buy India


The Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1896 with its beautiful facade styled on the baroque Italianate Church designs and lavish architecture of the late eighteenth century. The Wesleyan Chapel had the capacity to seat a 1,000 worshippers, but unfortunately when congregations dwindled in the early 21st century, the building fell out of use and was then empty for a number of years.

In 2009 it was given Grade 2 listed status by the National Heritage or now Historic England, this status has greatly informed the designing, planning and transformation of the The Chapel, Harrogate.

How To Get A Valium Prescription Online, Valium Online Uk

Order Valium Online Cod

Valium Order Uk

Order Cheap Valium Online

Wedding celebrations at The Chapel - CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH & DIMITRI

Indian Valium Online

Valium Where To Buy

Wedding Celebrations at The Chapel - CONGRATULATIONS TOM & ROSIE    

Ordering Valium Online

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online

In November, 2019 to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the UK’s most iconic films, The Italian Job, a team of artists and creatives drove by coach (wrapped in the British Flag) from Harrogate (via London) to Turin on 28th...


The Chapel venue can also be hired for photo shoots, product launches, film locations plus a range of social events, parties, seminars and wedding receptions. Please contact direct for more information.

With free off street parking, The Chapel is 10 minutes walk to Harrogate town centre and restaurants, with excellent links to national rail network. Harrogate is well located with easy access to the countryside and a wide variety of tourist attractions.

Buy Valium Europe Buy Diazepam Online Where Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter

Grove Road, Harrogate, HG1 5EW.